With their elegant six-prong design, Tiffany settings remain a pinnacle engagement ring style. Their slim claw-like prongs uplift round diamonds for maximum sparkle. For brides desiring timeless romance, Tiffany settings deliver instant recognition and brilliance.

Designed in 1886, Tiffany settings were conceived to maximize light passing through a diamond. The slender prongs rise vertically from the band, allowing light to enter unobstructed from below. This showcases dazzling brilliance.

By elevating the diamond, the Tiffany setting gives the illusion of a larger stone. Visually it appears suspended above the band, as if floating ethereally. The effect feels delicate yet substantial.

With just six prongs, nothing distracts from the central diamond. The minimalist construction directs all attention to the stone. The tapered prongs blend into the background almost invisibly.

While exposing more of the diamond, the six prong construction still securely holds the gemstone firmly in place. Fractures and loss of stones are rare thanks to precise jeweler craftsmanship and durable materials.

Tiffany settings draw the eye to diamonds of all shapes, but look particularly striking with classic round brilliant cuts. The symmetrical prongs mirror the diamond’s facets gracefully.

Engagement rings despite its long history, the Tiffany setting maintains a contemporary feel perfect for modern minimalist styles. It continues epitomizing diamond solitaires for engagements and beyond.

For brides desiring time-treasured elegance, Tiffany settings deliver breathtaking diamonds displayed attractively for the ages. Their silhouettes evoke enduring love and exclusivity.

By lolita