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Everything You Need to Know About Cremation and The Bible

Cremation according to churches and some cultures is a violation of God’s rule for what should be done by the body. The beliefs may make you think that you will not make it to heaven when you or your relatives decide that your body be cremated. You want to have peace of mind on your final days and not worry about cremation affecting your afterlife journey. If you are looking for questions about this matter the gospel is the best place to turn to. The discussion below will highlight more about cremation and what the word of God says about it.

Cremation is not one of the teachings in the bible, but there is much information regarding burning in general. Burning majorly occurred throughout the bible because of reason like a challenge, cleansing, punishment and display god’s power. All types of cremation, click to see cremation options involve burning bodies and since God himself used fire to present His power on occasion, and this gives us reassurance. God Himself appeared to Elijah as fire when accepting forgiveness and as a burning bush to Moses. Since God Himself use fire we are sure that fire is not evil neither negative thus cremation performed in His name is ok.

You should not that cremation is not a punishment because the bible talks of burning as an attempt to peacefully and respectfully dispose of the body after the person has died and not punishment coming from God, click for cremation options. The truth is that the word says Sodom, Gomorrah, and the devil were consumed by eternal fire; nonetheless, you must know the fire was holy punishment from God Himself. Besides when the Israelites began to complain about their misfortune and trust less in God, His anger was triggered and the Lord’s fore consumed some of the parts of the camp. The gospel, therefore, clearly shows that every time fire was used, it was God acting and not any on choosing to accept the death of their loved one. God is only trying to show His holy powers, and there is nothing to worry about.

Besides consumption, God also teaches us that fire is also used to cleans. Through God’s words about His workers, we can see that He understands and communicate to us that fire is not negative but can be used to make something beautiful. God’s words clearly make us understand that there is nothing negative about cremation, see these cremation options. Even though the bible does not specifically talk about cremation and all the different types, check these cremation options there is now where the process is considered evil. In conclusion, the content above explains insights into what the bible says about cremation.

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