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Best Buildings in the World

The world has many different types of buildings that are built on it by the many artisans that are available. The coolest buildings on earth come with the beauty that no one would dare to say that the artisans did nit not know what they were doing. In the whole world the building that us narrow is just 6 feet wide. In this website, you will learn more info. about the coolest buildings that are found in the world.

The first building that will capture your eyes is the Falling water building which was designed by Lloyd Wright who is among the worlds the most famous architects. It was built in 1935 and it stands in over 30-foot waterfall that is found in Pennsylvania. It is a national historic landmark that has been able to attract many visitors from all over the world who want to see the beauty of this falling water building. Despite being 80 years old the building still has its original artwork and furnishings. When you visit this waterfall building you will not be able to help but just admire its beauty.

The Sydney Opera House is among the coolest building that exists in the world today. The building was built by an architect known as Horn Utzon and it is among the most distinctive buildings in the world. People come to perform in this place which is built on a water edge and it has performance venues. It can hold a number of people up to and an approximate of 1200 shows are performed in the building every year. Many musicians have been able to perform in the building including the late singer and songwriter Prince.

The third building that is among the coolest buildings in the world is the Petronas Towers that is decribed in this page now. They are the tallest skyscrapers in the world no wonder they fit in the coolest buildings that are found on earth. There is a sky bridge that connects the two towers which is more than 500 foot above the ground. When you want to visit the skyscraper you will first need to purchase a ticket which will cost you around $20 per person. The skyscraper building is so tall that you would spend a lot of time gazing at it.

It is among the coolest buildings that are found on earth. The Toyota company is the one that gifted the LA with the pipe organ. The building has been able to be featured in a number of movies. The above discussion is about the world’s coolest buildings.