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Merits of Lean Six Sigma in Hospital Settings

Lean six sigma is a principle that came from Toyota the company that manufacturers vehicles..Toyota was the main brain behind the idea of Lean six sigma and how it can be used. Lean six sigma postulates that optimal productive levels can be achieved only if you take care of the wastes that normally minimize the efficiency of a system.Toyota company has effectively fused this principle in its manufacturing and for a long time the firm has been doing good in terms of sales. The same can be applied to other industries for example health care. The main precept of this principle is that decision making should be left in the hands of the employees that interact with the day to day challenges at work. The junior employees will make more focused and better decisions in terms of their working conditions because they face the greatest share of such issues. Also, this principle advocates that there should the operations should focus on patient safety. According to lean six sigma idea, the sick people that walk into the hospital premises are all potential clients and thus they should be respected and treated well. Application of this principle has gained popularity especially the last decade although it is still underutilized in some areas of the industry for example triage. In applying this principle in the hospitals, each work should be distributed evenly to all the doctors and no one person should be overloaded since this will lead to wastage. Even distribution of work is equal to quicker way of serving the patients and this means positive reviews by them.

An organization that uses this idea will gain a lot of positive things. With lean six sigma in operation, the risks of human issues are kept at a minimum. This is because with equal work distribution patients are served much better than when there is congestion and the doctors are few. More people will get to live once this idea is in motion. The level of patient care will also receive a considerable boost because of the more attention they will receive from the doctors since they are now the backbone of the hospital. At this level, productivity is maximum and the rates will go down so that the hospital becomes competitive compared to others. The final outcome of all these efficiencies in the hospital will be that the enterprise will be more profitable and thus serve its purpose in society. In conclusion,there will be less complaints about the hospital and this will increase its standing in society as a reputable hospital.
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