3 Services Salons Provide

3 Services Salons Provide

While most people think of getting their hair cut and styled when they think about an aveda salon Spokane Valley WA, did you know that a beauty salon can provide many other services? Take a look at three of them and consider if one might be beneficial for you. 

1. Hair Coloring

Next time you go get your hair cut and styled, ask the stylist if coloring might be useful. Whether you are looking for an enhancement to your current color or a complete change in hair color, salons can mix colors and give you the exact color you want, unlike with boxes that you buy in the store for at-home hair coloring. Other choices besides a full coloring include highlights and lowlights. 

2. Waxing 

An alternative to shaving, waxing keeps skin smoother for longer and is a popular option at most salons. Going to a salon for waxing is a safer alternative than waxing at home since most cosmetologists are licensed to perform this service. Having someone else perform waxing on you ensures that no hard-to-reach areas are missed. Waxing is done in a closed room for privacy and might hurt a little bit, especially if you are not used to the procedure. 

3. Manicures and Pedicures

Getting a manicure or pedicure is an easy way to pamper yourself. A good technician will not only put color on your nails but will file, buff, and otherwise help improve the overall health of your nails, hands and feet. Getting this done professionally is wise since most people have one hand that is less able to do a good job with nail painting, and also because some procedures such as clipping the cuticles can be damaging if not done correctly. 

Next time you visit a salon, see if they offer these services and if one is right for you.