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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dentures and Dental Implants

Ask an American about George Washington and they will most probably talk about wooden teeth first. This is, however, a common myth because the teeth were not wooden, but he had dentures made from human and cow teeth and ivory. It might have been uncomfortable having dentures during his days, but the significant changes they have undergone have made them more comfortable in the current world. Choosing a better between implants and dentures remains a challenge to most people. You can read more about tooth replacement options as we look at this topic exhaustively.

Dentures and dental implants are both used for tooth replacement. This is not the only characteristic they share as there are a few more that are common to both of them. Your choice for one option depends on the number of teeth you are missing, your general oral health, the state of your jawbone, and above all your budget.

Dentures are more recommended for people remaining with no natural teeth. There are also dentures that can replace an upper set, a lower set or several adjoining teeth. The main feature of dentures is that they are removable. Dentures are removed every night before bedtime and immersed in a cleaning solution. to secure dentures to your gums, you have to use special glue.

The main disadvantage of dentures is that they may be less comfortable and poorly fitting. It may cause pain to the old people since the structure of their gums has undergone several changes meaning that the dentures may not fit perfectly. Dentures also limit the types of food the wearer can eat. Crunchy meals can dislodge the dentures while some foods may leave particles between the dentures and gums causing discomfort. Dentures may make some sounds or fall loose especially if they don’t fit which may be embarrassing.

Dental implants are more comparable to real teeth in terms of appearance and functionality, and this explains why the number of people with dental implants is increasing rapidly. These replacements are fit into your jawbone using a titanium stem which eventually bonds into your bone meaning they hardly come loose or cause discomfort. Dental implants are also more beneficial since you do not have to take care of them in any unique way apart from brushing, flossing and routine dentist visits. With dental implants, you are not limited in terms of what you can eat.

The main disadvantage of dental implants is that they can be a bit expensive. The high cost could mean that you cannot replace an entire set of teeth but if it is an excellent option if you have to replace only a few teeth. Most patients with dental implants, however, recommend them due to their low maintenance and high function.