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Precautions to Take to Prevent Growth of Mold inside And Outside Your House

Mold thrives where there is oxygen, water or moisture, food such as wood, mold spores, warmth, darkness and enough time. Hire a mold removal company immediately you notice mold growing inside or outside your home. Use the following guidelines to prevent the growth of mold inside and outside of your house.

You should have enough doors and windows so that moist air does not stagnate in the house. Keep the windows of your home open during summer for proper aeration of the house. You need a functioning air conditioner that will absorb excess moisture indoors to prevent the growth of mold.

When the basement is damp mold will grow. The amount of moisture in the basement that has inadequate ventilation is more than the moisture level in other rooms. The high humidity and darkness in the basement is also attributed to the cold nature of the basement. when people are cleaning their houses they often neglect the basement. If your plumbing system is leaking, the water will flow down to the basement and create a suitable environment for the mold to grow.

Repair the leaking gutters of your house to prevent mold from growing on the walls. The walls will become dump if the gutters are clogged because water will spill from the gutters and run on the walls. If you notice damp spots on your ceiling and attic you should repair your roof to prevent mold from growing on the roof and ceiling.

When water accumulates in the foundation of your house, you will notice mold growing. Drain water from your yard so that it does not build up around the foundation by digging ditches and drains. If the ground slopes towards your house, water will flow towards your home during rainy seasons, therefore, the exterior skirting of your how should be raised to protect the foundation.

When you leave wet clothes inside the house for an extended time you risk mold growing in the house. When you pile dirty clothes that are wet, you will encourage the growth of mold that will spread to other places in the house. Ensure that the room you use to hang wet clothes for drying is well-ventilated to avoid a buildup of moisture in the house.

Floods are inevitable if your house is built in an area that is susceptible to floods. It may take up to a week for the part of your home that has been made worse by floods to dry. Build drainage systems inside your house that will take the water that accumulates inside your house because of floods outside your house when the floods subside.

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