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How To Get Prepared For Residential Real Estate Appraisal

Getting prepared for a real estate appraisal of a home is not complex. When the loan is approved, an appraiser is sent to the property by either the lending organization or in the case of loans for veterans, by the VA itself. The lender must give out the assignment order as well as the sale agreement. Once the assignment order is given to the appraiser, they should review and analyze the sale contract. There is no sale contract for refinancing situations and other types of request.

To avoid unavoidable delays, the house to be appraised should be accessible every time of the day. Most of the appraisers are a member of the local board of realtors and typically the have a lock key box. If tenants occupy the house, the appraisal process works best if the listing agent is used to plan the appointments. This gives the tenant peace of mind as they already know the agent.

It will benefit the owner of the home if they keep the house clean and in order. It is advisable to create a first good impression to the appraiser as they see the house from the viewpoint of the buyer. The appraiser visits the home they have been assigned to when it is chaotic since the homeowner is in the process of moving out. That is not an issue of concern to the appraiser. This is because the appraiser is not concerned with how the house aesthetically looks at that moment, rather they are interested in weaving every part of the house including the garage.

The appraiser is likely to take measurements of the garage interiors and inspect the water heater and AC closets, so make sure these places are easily accessible. People coming to appraise a property are displeased by thorny or impassible bushes next to the property. This is because at some point they will need to use a measuring tape outside each wall.

Dogs that bite are at times an issue, homeowners do not realize that their gentle pets can bite a person they are not familiar with. Dogs in the property should either be put on a cage or penned down once the owner knows that the appraisal people are visiting. The homeowner should not put the dog inside a garage and not put them in a cage since the appraiser will want to enter the garage as well.

It is usually recommended that the homeowner not to be present during the appraisal. Appraisers, however, need them to be home in case of pets in the property. The burglar alerts should be off when the appraiser visits when no one is home.

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