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How important is graphic design for social media marketing?


Description: Graphic designing can make a difference for brands with engaging visuals. Include graphic design for your social media marketing strategy to gain more.

Graphic Design

Social media popularity has grown immensely over the last decade, particularly in the previous three years. Today social media has become the lifeline for people and businesses.

Consequently, social media marketing is one of the most critical tools for companies, big or small, to target their user base and introduce themselves or their products. Hence, businesses must comprehend and accept the importance of graphic design in social media marketing for their brands. 

Additionally, Graphic design has become essential to not only reproduce brand awareness and recognition but also attract a social media user’s attention and is vital for the overall content strategy. Remember, no matter how excellent your content is; no one will notice it unless it can grab their attention, which is where graphic design comes into play.

Table of Content

1)     How Graphic Design Can Help Your Social Media  
i)       Brand Recognition
ii)      Looks Professional
iii)    Commands Attention
iv)    Sending A Message
2)     Conclusion

How Graphic Design Can Help Your Social Media  

Graphic design has limitless potential in social media as it not only assists in maintaining brand consistency on the platform but also because people prefer memes, illustrations, infographics, and visual messages to reading posts! The posts with vibrant colors and funny memes are the ones that are reposted and liked by millions!

In this blog, we will discuss why graphic design has become essential for your social media marketing and why you need to focus on it immediately.

       i.          Brand Recognition: It is all in the graphics! Visual content such as images, memes, and infographics gets way higher social media engagement on social media than average posts. The reason is that humans can visually recognize a brand faster than reading about it, and using graphics gives a post a higher probability of being shared and circulated much higher giving your brand the recognition needed.

However, if hiring graphic designers in-house seems like a lot or can affect your budget, try to outsource graphic designing. 

A plethora of service providers offer brilliant  graphic designing services for a fraction of the cost and help you save tons of money so that you can concentrate on creating content that can be supported with these graphics.

      ii.          Looks Professional: Offering a professional image for your brand is essential. No matter which social media platform is used to communicate with your target audience, the user must know that you are professional and there to do some business.

Imaging is a big part of looking professional, and you cannot afford to market your company based on dull colors or missing logos! Hence, graphic design can help you create that professional image with the right colors and infographics to support your content.

     iii.          Commands Attention: Not one, but numerous research has shown that the human attention span is equivalent to that of a gnat—6-7 seconds! Now imagine countless social media platforms and thousands of companies using numerous platforms to post content every 5 or 10 hours, along with unique content of family and friends.

A social media user’s feed is inundated with posts 24 hours a day, refreshing every 5 minutes, and in this chaos, you must stand out as a business! That is a huge undertaking, but you can surely try your best by offering something different in the form of graphics in your content.

Given that you have only a few seconds to grab attention, your social media designs and their effects depend on visual stimulation and colors to hold their mind and recognize your brand.

     iv.          Sending A Message: In social media, your visuals communicate your message. Hence graphic design needs to be professional yet engaging to send a message, grab attention, and make a user like or share the post. Using images not only aids your brand in gaining the attention of your target users but also makes them stop scrolling and look at the picture for more than 7 seconds. No wonder many images of pets, especially cats, are reposted.


Remember, graphic design plays a massive role in how social media users perceive your product or service. Great graphic design strengthens your brand, builds trust, and makes your business seem larger than life. Well-designed graphics make users want to follow you on social media or visit your website! No wonder influencers are paid to affiliate links of big and small names in their posts to get that traffic!

It cannot be overlooked that social media platforms are influenced by graphic design and their work; hence a post that stimulates users with visuals get a 500% higher engagement rate. There are numerous online and offline tools and software that can help you create graphics, but when you want that professionalism, you need a good designer, be it in-house or taking the help of outsource graphic designing services. It is really astonishing how small changes in your color, design, and graphics can make a big difference for your brand and business.…