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3 Things to Know About Becoming an Esthetician

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You may have heard the term esthetician, but do you actually know what the certification entails? Estheticians learn about more than just beauty treatment during their schooling. Estheticians study nutrition, skin health and function, and even physiology. Here are 3 things you should know about becoming an esthetician.

Schooling and Certification

Did you know that on average, esthetics students learn and train for about 600 hours during the esthetics certification process? Course curriculums dive into topics, such as state regulations, facial treatments, safety and health, makeup techniques and much more. This means once an esthetician passes the esthetics practical exam Long Island NY, and receives his/her certification, he/she is familiar with all aspects of the esthetics industry. Estheticians can also specialize their schooling to dive deeper into their preferred field of esthetics.

Financial Aid

Most esthetics students pay between $5,000 and $20,000 in tuition depending on the school. Remember that you can apply for financial aid when looking into becoming an esthetician. Fill out the FAFSA to see if you’re eligible for grants and/or loans. There are also a variety of scholarships available for incoming esthetics students. If you are passionate about becoming an esthetician, do your research.


Many people think estheticians only work at salons, which is far from the truth. Outside of salons, estheticians can also work in retail or education. Plan ahead while you are in school to figure out with path you want to take. However, if you decide to work in a salon, remember that building up a clientele will take time. Recruit friends and family to share your work on social media, host special events and show each client that you care. The small things do make a difference.

Becoming an esthetician is no simple task, but it is a worthwhile career path. Helping others feel happy in their skin is a powerful feeling.…